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"Energias Renovables e Innovación de Sistemas"

Energias Renovables e Innovación de Sistemas

Erisis is a social innovation company aiming to promote spreading of solar energy by providing technological solutions contributing to bridge the gap in energy production costs between solar and other polluting energy sources.

Erisis is a company devoted to consulting, assessment, and development of innovative technological products and solutions, specially in the field of Solar Plants Management. Pioneers in the introduction of predictive techniques in Solar Operation & Maintenance.
Our mission in this arena is to contribute to the solar photovoltaic industry with three distinguishing targets:

• To provide a framework for the R&D&I activities in the Operation and Maintenance domain for Solar Plants
• To challenge, debate and benchmark Solar O&M practices
• To generate continuous improvement in the methodology for Solar Plants Management, based on the outcome of the above points

We have developed, with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Innovation, a state of the art low cost platform for professional solar plants Management aimed at improving their control and profitability.

This Solar Management System is up and running since 2009 and is presently serving more than 400 MW all over Europe, from small residential roofs of 5 kW to big floor plants of up to 40 MW.

For more information contact us at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it