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Web 2.0 Environment


Cloud Thinking Solar Management is a set of Web applications designed by users, and enhanced by collective intelligence (or the actual needs of the industry, through ideas detected and given by each customer) for the benefit of all the user community with new updates and Web applications/services to share information and experiences about solar management.

Relevant Cost Savings.


Several cost saving analyses for different customers show that 5 MW distributed in 5 stations can yield net cost savings (including the cost of CTSM implementation) of more than 40.000 Euros/year, which is more than 1 million Euros savings during the life cycle of the stations.

We increase Productivity


In terms of Productivity, it is possible to increase the productivity of a person in charge of Operations providing a service between 5 and 10 MW before the implementation of the CTSM to more than 20 MW after the implementation.

Improvement of cost compared to other less clean energies


We join the knowledge and will of the different players in the worldwide photovoltaic industry to promote the maximum possible diffusion of solar energy generation through the search of cost improvement and therefore, competitiveness compared to other less clean and sustainable energy sources.

24/7 Customer Support


CTSM is very reliable and easy to use but, in case it is necessary, we offer support to managers. The support options include:

• Telephone support in case of serious incidents.

• E-mail support.

• Online support service, so the user can solve the incident.