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PV Solar Multiple Monitoring

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Integrate all your monitoring solutions in a single Operation Environment...

At present, most of the operators have to work with the different monitoring screens of the various monitoring systems in the market.

This situation is not efficient, it makes difficult to manage daily operation of the various stations, roofs and monitored equipment. Cloud Thinking Solar Management (CTSM) integrates ALL monitoring activities / scada systems into a single management environment, eliminating management inefficiencies and increasing operator productivity.


  • No need for hardware investment. Installed monitoring software is used.
  • The operator carries out management actions from a SINGLE environment, avoiding the use of several monitoring screens.
  • Optimization of the operator productivity, eliminating actions without added value.

Data Management

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Data quality is key yo a successful operation...

Our experience indicates that operators spend a lot of hours per month balancing report figures to be submitted to customers and banks. Part of the success of a good operation consists of efficiently validating data provided by the different monitoring systems to avoid repetition of reports to customers due to wrong data.

Cloud Thinking Solar Management (CTSM) offers the mechanisms required to verify the quality of monitoring data AUTOMATICALLY, reducing costs and management times.

Gestion de Datos


  • Reduction of management times. Reduction of company costs.
  • Optimization of the accuracy of operational management.
  • Service quality.

Contract Management O&M Solar Photovoltaic

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Each contract and each customer is different...

We know that each customer and each contract is different and specific. This is why we offer a solution to calculate the Performance Ratio (PR), the Availability and the model reports of calculated production vs. actual production.

Multi Monitorizacion

Cloud Thinking Solar Management (CTSM) generates all the necessary information for each customer and each contract in a CONFIGURABLE and AUTOMATED way, eliminating hours without added value and increasing the productivity of the operator.

Multi Monitorizacion


  • Maximum control of the production and flexibility of operation.
  • Optimization of the operator productivity, eliminating the time required for manual calculation of PR and Availability.
  • Quality assurance regarding customer service.

PV Solar Predictive Analysis

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Anticipating to future flaws...

We know how to avoid future flaws and we help to anticipate to possible actions about how and when it is appropriate to take an action, based on profitability criteria.

Cloud Thinking Solar Management (CTSM) provides information required to check future flaws during the next preventive maintenance visit to the station/roof.


  • Taking action before a failure occurs. Planning preventive and corrective maintenance actions adapting them to the profitability of the station.
  • Reducing unexpected failures, repair times and inventories. Increasing mean time between failures and therefore availability and production.


PV Solar Corrective Analysis

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To go or not to go? When to act / When to save?

Sometimes going to the station / roof means a higher cost than real loss of production, which makes it unprofitable.

Cloud Thinking Solar Management (CTSM) helps prioritizing decisions about going to the station, the operator overtime at the station or roof in an objective way, based on visiting costs or intervention costs compared to the financial consequence derived from the loss of production.



Example of information for the decision making process:

  • Duration of failures (3 days)
  • Affected Power (64 Kwp)
  • Accumulated Financial Loss (-386€)
  • Daily Financial Loss (-140€)
  • Maximum deadline for failure attention (1,1 days)

Operation Reports

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Remove hours of activity without added value...

According to our analyses, report generation is an activity without added value that takes up a lot of manual execution. At least 11% (almost 200h/year) of the time of an operator is dedicated to reporting tasks.

Cloud Thinking Solar Management (CTSM) offers a CONFIGURABLE solution adapted to your needs that removes all those non-productive tasks of the operator.



Increase of the productive capacity of the Operator.

Reduction of costs/effort in non-value activities.

• Page configuration as required.