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Security comes first.

seguridadWe work to guarantee the protection, security and privacy of your data.

Applications developed with security and reability in mind

CTSM offers an operation assurance service level agreement of 99,9% so that employees can have access to applications whenever is necessary.

On the other hand, CTSM is not the owner of your data. Data entered in our systems are yours and we believe this should be this way. This implies three key things.

1. We do not share your data with anybody, except for the cases specified in the Privacy Policy.

2. We keep your data the time you want.

3. You can take away your data in case you choose to use external services or if you stop using our services at all.

Data shall be protected as if they were located in your own server. Unauthorized companies cannot have access to your data. Competitors cannot have access to your data and vice versa. In fact, all the user accounts are protected with this virtual padlock that guarantees that a user cannot see data from other users. This is similar to the method used to segment customer data in other shared-use infrastructures, such as online banking.