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Cloud Thinking & Solar Management (CTSM) allows to integrate in a single Solar Management System all the equipments and systems from different providers, and removes all the complexity of having to deal with several protocols, interfaces, languages and equipment practices.

It is often the case that a customer has to cope with several equipment and/or monitoring systems from different manufactures and providers in their plants. In these cases they have to get the production, alarm status, and all plant data from several sources in several formats with several interfaces and practices.

CTSM removes all this complexity integrating all data and structuring all information into a single unified management environment for all plants worldwide.

Cloud Thinking & Solar Management (CTSM) increases productivity by significantly reducing daily operational and managerial needs vs a multisystem environments.

CTSM also allows a uniform working methodology worldwide enabling homogeneous benchmarking both to identify and generalize best practices and to define and measure worldwide Key Performance Indicators. Cloud Thinking & Solar Management (CTSM) also paves the way to get a common homologated quality system.

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